Acciona contribute to Saudi’s water security and sustainability

Acciona, the leading water contractor in Saudi Arabia, is building desalination and wastewater treatment plants to contribute to the country’s water security and sustainability.

The water contractor reiterated its commitment to provide new sources of safe drinking water to increase the country’s water security during the Saudi-Spanish Investment forum in Riyadh.

Acciona highlighted its capabilities to advance the country’s Vision 2030 goal of creating a vibrant, more diversified and more sustainable economy and society.

The Saudi-Spanish investment forum, organized by the Saudi Ministry of Investment, discussed how to share knowledge and contribute to the Kingdom’s economic diversification plans.

The forum concluded that Spanish water and utilities companies can help the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 programs and goals since both share the challenge of providing quality water to the population while working on an environment of limited natural resources to do so.

Acciona, a global provider of sustainable infrastructure solutions, has delivered two desalination plants and is currently building four more desalination plants in the KSA. The plants employ reverse osmosis, a more efficient and sustainable technology for extracting potable water from seawater. Once all are completed, the plants will produce 2.36 billion litres of drinking water a day, enough to supply more than 8 million people, almost one-quarter of the population of the country.

Acciona is also helping to reduce the carbon emissions associated with the energy for desalination by integrating solar energy at desalination plants.