An Icon of Sustainable Solutions

A treatment plant designed to blend into the landscape and let visitors peek into large glass facades to gain insight into the wastewater treatment process without being in the same room as sludge and sewage is being built in Hillerod, a municipality in the Capital Region of Denmark.

The Solrodgard treatment plant is using the latest technology and research, and teaching is assigned a high priority, but from the outside it looks more like a park than a treatment plant.The area will be open to the public, and have recreational activities and assessable public zones, as well as rooftop gardens with information about the cleaning process from beginning to end.

The treatment plant is part of Solrodgard Climate and Environment Park that also includes a recycling centre, wetlands that collect rainwater, and a climate and environment centre with administration, garage and educational facilities. The new plant will generate electricity and use wastewater as a resource to a greater extent than previously.

Another way to use the resources better is to use the sludge remains to fertilise the fields. Phosphorus is a resource that is running low. It is therefore important to return the nutrients to the fields.
The Climate and Environment Centre will also be situated in the park. It will be used to educate schoolchildren about the treatment process and greet foreign visitors and visitors from other utility