De Nora awarded one of Asia’s largest Water Disinfection Projects at Singapore’s Johor River Water Works

De Nora – the global electrochemistry leader, water disinfection and filtration pioneer – announces the win of one of the largest water disinfection projects in Asia at the Johor River Water Works, the largest water works located in Malaysia. 

This project will see a ClorTec 2250 on-site hypochlorite generator from De Nora replacing the existing liquid chlorine and ammonia systems at Johor River Water Works. In total, De Nora will provide 11 ClorTec 2250 unitsacross all three plants on-site. Each unit will have an electrolyzer capacity of 1020kg/day, exceeding the tender requirements of 900kg/day.

This win is on the back of other successful projects with the leading water utility company in Singapore where De Nora ClorTecsystems have been installed at multiple locations, including Chestnut Avenue Waterworks, located in the west of Singapore.

De Nora ClorTec 2250 on-site hypochlorite generation systems use three common consumables – water, salt and power – to produce chlorine-based disinfectants by passing a solution of sodium chloride through an electrolytic cell and converting the chloride ions into sodium hypochlorite. It provides a safe, economical and effective solution for drinking water treatment without creating or transporting hazardous chemicals, ensuring the safety of personnel and the surrounding community.

As part of the tender process for the Johor Water Works project, the ClorTec 2250 systems had to meet stringent performance and efficiency targets in Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) across the relatively short period of six months. Of particular concern to the end user is the formation of by-products like chlorate, perchlorate and bromate. These by-products are emerging contaminants of concern in water sources globally, and awareness of these contaminants is increasing across Asia. 

De Nora ClorTec on-site hypochlorite generation systems are optimized to help to minimize production of these by-products, especially chlorate. In tests performed at Chestnut Avenue Water Works, De Nora showed that on-site hypochlorite generation systems produced by-products such as chlorate and perchlorate at four to six times lower than the recommended value set out. These tests were certified and endorsed by the operation in charge at Chestnut Avenue Water Works.

With the benefit of more than 95 years of electrochemistry expertise, De Nora on-site generation systems feature market innovations including enhanced efficiency, remote monitoring, and simple installation and maintenance. At the heart of every De Nora electrochlorination system is the DSA electrode technology pioneered by De Nora.

The third generation of De Nora ClorTec on-site sodium hypochlorite generator uses an optimized electrochlorination process that delivers a 15 percent operating cost saving over the previous system.

The ClorTec 2250 unit atJohor River Water Works is expected to be operational by March 2023.