De Nora Showcases Leadership in Tackling Global Water Challenges

Industrie De Nora S.p.A. (“De Nora”), an Italian multinational company listed on the Euronext Milan, specialising in sustainable electrochemical, water treatment technologies and in the emerging green hydrogen industry, showcased its ongoing innovation and growth, fueled by its expertise in electrochemistry and water treatment as it aims to transform the world into a more sustainable one, at the recent Singapore International Water Week. 

De Nora Leads with Solutions to Solve Some of Asia’s Most Pressing Water Challenges
The Asia-Pacific region faces a critical challenge to ensure safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), given dangerous contamination and pollution of drinking water for hundreds of millions of people. De Nora is at the forefront of addressing these challenges by removing Contaminants [of Emerging Concern], including PFAS and micro-pollutants through a complete range of oxidation and disinfection technologies, combined with proprietary filtration and adsorption solutions.

SORB™ contaminant removal systems are specifically designed to remove a range of contaminants from water including Arsenic and now PFAS, which is increasingly regulated globally due to the impact on public health. The difficulty of optimising PFAS removal processes to ensure effective treatment, while maximising media life is reflective of De Nora’s 30-year success story against the challenges with Arsenic removal, where the company has extensive  references, having commercialised what is now one of the two primary methods of its removal from water. Now at SIWW, De Nora showcased its ongoing commitment to innovation, by highlighting groundbreaking work across multiple collaborative projects, designed to improve the effectiveness of PFAS removal technologies and ultimately reduce opex/capex costs. 

Since the 1970s, De Nora has been pioneering advancements in water treatment with ozone and has the longest experience of all manufacturers. The introduction of De Nora Capital Controls® Ozone/AOP and UV/AOP systems sets standards regarding removal of a host of contaminants including micropollutants and 1,4-dioxane from water sources. 

De Nora – Growing with Asia to Meet Increasing Demand 
De Nora has been on an accelerated growth trajectory worldwide, marked by notable projects and significant technological advancements.  In Asia, De Nora continues to achieve substantial milestones, including the recent opening of a new electrode production line at the Suzhou plant, which tripled the site’s total production capacity.

The recent regional localisation of its Capital Controls Ozone Generators in the region adds to other key products here: ClorTec® on-site sodium hypochlorite generators, DE NORA TETRA® filters and SEACLOR® seawater electrochlorination systems. Customers in the region now benefit from full life cycle management, covering project design, manufacture, project execution and after sales support from dedicated teams on their doorstep who intricately understand their needs and are ideally positioned for fast response times. 

De Nora has recently won projects for CECHLO® systems in the APAC region, including Goryeong Water Treatment Works in Korea, and is currently finishing commissioning an installation in Mount Isa, Australia. The latter, located in a remote part of Australia, serves as a hub-and-spoke arrangement to produce and distribute fresh hypochlorite to local communities, instead of shipping hypochlorite in bulk from long distances. In Hong Kong, a hybrid configuration combining on-site electrochlorination and chlorine gas feed technologies that eliminates disinfection safety risks from liquid chlorine and provides stable, sustainable, and greener chlorine management is now fully operational in all ten water treatment works, marking the largest installation of the CECHLO-MS systems in Asia.