Innovation key to water scarcity challenges

Technological innovation is needed to address national and global water scarcity, said Water Council President and CEO Dean Amhaus.

A number of lakes and other freshwater reservoirs around the world that have shrunk dramatically in recent decades are cause for concern.

However, he said not everything is all bleak; there are solutions that are out there. He touted a number of water advancements and methods for rapidly cleaning wastewater as being piloted in South Korea, as well as efforts to improve desalination technology. By using the energy from ocean waves to power the process, he said this system could change saltwater to freshwater without using the “huge amount of energy” that’s currently needed. 

The technology advancements that are going on around the world have that potential, that give us a sense of hope and while there are challenges that are out there, there are multiple technologies that are coming up — developments and solutions.