Kurita Merges Two Overseas Consolidated Subsidiaries to Further Strengthen of Business Foundation in South Korea

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. decided that it will merge two wholly owned overseas consolidated subsidiaries in South Korea into one company on April 1, 2023; one is Hansu Technical Service Ltd. mainly engaging in the manufacture and sale of water treatment facilities and maintenance services, and the other is Hansu Co., Ltd. mainly engaging in the manufacture and sale of water treatment chemicals, naming KURITA HANSU Water Industries Ltd. of the New Company after its merger.

The Kurita Group has set the priority measures in its medium-term management plan, Pioneering Shared Value 2027 (PSV-27), that mainly are the expansion of service businesses such as ultra-pure water supply to the electronics industry which requires advanced water treatment technologies and the enhancement of CSV business which aims to create shared value with society through business for diverse industries.

By integrating the two companies’ cultivated technologies and abundant knowledge accumulated onsite view on this merger, the Kurita Group will further strengthen the foundation to provide our solutions quickly for the various needs and challenges of customers in South Korea. In particular, it will further strengthen the ability to propose and provide services and others for the electronics industry and continuously deliver our solutions for creating shared value with society, including the CSV business, to diverse industries.

As a partner to close with global challenges of customers, the Kurita Group will create and deliver diverse solutions regarding water management, including CSV business, for contributing to saving water, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and recycling waste into resources, and reducing resource input, and thus aim to realize a sustainable society.