New PSH Compressor from Danfoss Helps Make Heat Pumps Viable in Colder Climates

Danfoss’ new PSH scroll compressor with vapour injection may be a game-changer for heat pump adoption. Its ability to operate in a wider range of ambient temperatures allows for an effective and efficient heat pump in colder climates. Increasing the operating range of heat pumps is essential for achieving decarbonization. 

An R454B optimized dedicated heat pump compressor with higher allowable discharge gas temperature limits, the PSH compressor with vapour injection is also multi-refrigerant qualified for R410A and R454B and simplifies the transition to R454B, which has a lower global warming potential. It is designed for medium and high temperature applications (up to 65ºC) and low ambient operation. A large range of compressor capacities are available from 7.5-40 tons of refrigeration and individual compressors can be manifolded together to further increase system capacity. 

To continue the increase of the market transition into heat pumps and extend the use into colder climates, the compressor combines the ability to use both liquid and vapour injection in the same product. Tandems and trios can also be used with a single economizer heat exchanger which simplifies the system design and offers greater flexibility. The same compressor can be used for both R410A and R454B and in both liquid and vapour injection operating modes. It can be manifolded and used with a single economizer heat exchanger.   

It is available in all required voltages and frequencies, which allows it to be used both in the United States and globally. The PSH compressor with vapour and liquid injection can be used in heat pumps mild climate zones to areas where very cold climates are normal and expected. By increasing this operating range, it will further drive the market adoption of heat pumps and decrease the need to burn fossil fuels for heating. 

The PSH compressor with vapour injection is a game-changer in the path toward electrification. By enabling heat pumps to operate efficiently in colder climates, coupled with low-GWP compatibility, the PSH provides the technology needed to move toward clean heat sources while maintaining customer comfort.

Nick Mislak, Regional Segment Marketing Director for HVAC