NWC and FujiClean Sign MoU to Localise Water Treatment Technologies

The National Water Company (NWC) and FujiClean, a Japanese LLC, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at mutual cooperation in the transfer, localisation and development of the wastewater treatment technologies manufactured by FujiClean and registering them in the Kingdom as an international product to enable their use in wastewater treatment in the Kingdom and the region.

NWC and FujiClean sign a MoU (Photos: National Water Company)

Mansour Abuthnain, the Executive Vice President for the Projects and Technical Services Department, and Masashi Goto, the President of FujiClean signed the MoU on December 2023.

Engineer Mansour Abuthnain said, “The MoU is part of the company’s efforts to localise wastewater treatment technologies and cooperate with all local and international entities to develop and improve the efficiency of the water industry.” The new Japanese technology is characterised by not requiring large areas, as it can be used in remote areas and scattered population centres in a decentralised manner. The new technology will help expand sanitation in the Kingdom as it produces high-quality treated water that enables reuse in line with the objectives of the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) and the Middle East Green Initiative (MEGI), which aim to develop vegetation, combat desertification, achieve environmental standards, and introduce modern technologies that meet sustainability criteria.

Engineer Mansour Abuthnain also explained that the National Water Company, as a national company, aims to implement a programme to strengthen and localise the technologies used by FujiClean through cooperation with the Japanese side. This will be done by creating training programmes for the engineers and technicians working at NWC, as well as developing the current skills and national workforce in collaboration with local and international sectors, according to the MoU.