Ride the Future of Water 4.0 with Taiwan Excellence

Taiwan Excellence, a campaign to bring the best Taiwanese-made products to the world, held the “Taiwan Excellence Water Treatment Webinar–Toward Water 4.0” on November 10th. At this event, five Taiwan Excellence Award-winning brands showcased their innovative solutions to the audience. These solutions can be classified into two types: advanced technological processes that enhance water treatment quality and equipment with built-in smart technologies that help to improve operational efficiency, ease of maintenance, and cost-saving. The webinar attracted the online presence of 47 media outlets and 137 buyers.

As 4.0 digitalization and automation are placed at the center of all technology and equipment, Taiwanese leading brands have brought in more integrated, expandable, and customized solutions. Taiwanese suppliers can not only provide high-quality solutions at comprehensive prices but also form partnerships with global factory operators to pave the way to the 4.0 future of the water industry.

Featured in the session are several informative presentations, starting with EMS and their smart water management applied with 3G/4G Wireless Data Logger – GTI5 series. This enables managers to access information anytime and anywhere via handheld devices. Chemmit from KETECH demonstrated how they use stabilizers and environmentally friendly reagents to monitor heavy metals in real-time water streams. Meanwhile, the FBR-Fenton solution from EVER-CLEAR is an updated version of their initial Fenton filtering technology. This solution provides a well-rounded solution for recycling textile wastewater for industrial use while avoiding the production of contaminated byproducts. Lastly, HCP PUMP and WALRUS PUMP presented their high-quality pump products that can be applied in solutions to enhance the standard pumping process, foster high technology in design and mechanics, boost performance and efficiency, and address issues related to maintenance, installation, and monitoring.

With Taiwanese-developed technology, water management solutions can support global customers to improve operational efficiency, ease of maintenance, and cost-saving. These ground-breaking inventions not only adapt to water 4.0 technology revolutions but also provide solutions for addressing growing concerns about environmental externalities to the world. Buyers and viewers who are interested in Taiwan’s latest sustainable products are welcome to visit the Taiwan Excellence Digital Pavilion

(https://world.taiwanexcellence.org/en) to find more excellent Taiwanese suppliers.

If you missed the “Toward Water 4.0 Webinar,” please click the following link to watch it:

For more information, please visit Taiwan Excellence’s website: https://www.taiwanexcellence.org/tw

About Taiwan Excellence

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