RSK Group launches Centre for Sustainability Excellence in Singapore to accelerate global sustainability and net zero ambitions

RSK Group, a global leader in the delivery of sustainable solutions, officially launched the RSK Centre for Sustainability Excellence.  The centre will support the delivery of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, profiling Singapore as a global force in the sustainability arena while supporting businesses across the Asia-Pacific region in readdressing the balance of people, profit and planet.

The RSK Centre for Sustainability Excellence will support governments and businesses and work together towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through the centre, RSK will deliver services that bring tangible change and upskill the next generation of sustainability leaders.

The RSK Centre for Sustainability Excellence is built around four core themes covering fundamental aspects of sustainable development as set out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The centre will also house the RSK Research Institute for Climate Strategy.

With a focus on decarbonisation, the centre will offer consulting services and strategic advice on climate strategy and disclosures, particularly on Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) reporting, green funding availability and carbon offset markets. Experts will also provide the measurement of natural capital; carbon accounting, water and biodiversity audits; and management plans.

The centre will offer services to support the development of renewable technologies, including solar, wind and tidal energy projects, and will follow projects through their life cycle with construction and operation and maintenance services. For example, through “Ocean 30”, a joint venture between RSK and Nova Innovation, we will design, install, operate and maintain tidal and floating solar projects. RSK’s experience in global renewable projects along with its expertise in marine biodiversity conservation and enhancement will be vital to renewables projects across the Asia-Pacific region.

To provide sustainable and robust water, wastewater and flood resilience solutions, the RSK Centre for Sustainability Excellence will provide infrastructure design using smart technology such as artificial intelligence to expedite the design process and reduce operating costs at water and wastewater treatment plants. An Innovation Factory will develop ideas, provide proofs of concept and conduct pilot tests on intelligent water and environmental solutions.

To improve resilience throughout the food and drink supply chain, the centre will provide insight into agricultural supply chain vulnerability and adaptation and renewable smart energy systems for crop production, lighting and cooling.

An education hub, the RSK Research Institute for Climate Strategy, will bridge the gap between academic insights on climate strategy and the challenges faced by practitioners and policymakers. Researchers will provide timely insights into pressing issues, such as corporate climate scenario analysis; zero-carbon transition plans and measurement; and reporting and verification (MRV) for a decarbonised world. Collaborations with world-leading universities will drive the research institute’s agenda and will impact across the areas of business, policy and education.

The RSK Centre will create around 75 new local jobs with support from RSK’s global network of over 8500 experts, including those from Binnies Singapore. 

A company within the RSK Group, Binnies provides leading water and environmental solutions.