TIWW provides the much needed platform for new opportunities in the water industry

The Taiwan International Water Week 2022 (TIWW 2022) made a sustainable return with several heavyweights in the water industry presenting the total solutions in water including wastewater treatment, seawater desalination and smart water management. 

.As the country’s only international trade-show dedicated to the water industry, the event which was held at the Taiwan International Conference Centre (TICC) in October brought over 2,600 visitors across different industries, which included the water, semiconductor, electronics, chemical engineering, and architecture industries together to look for smart solutions. 

Leading global enterprises Fluence  Water and Veolia Water and several local government authorities like the Water Resources Agency, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hui Min Environmental Tech, LCY Chemical, GSD Envi-Tech, Gung Dai and TankPAC Industries are among those which provided a sea of trade opportunities for players from every sector in the water industry.

Judging by the large number of visitors, TIWW which took a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic definitely has the potential to grow into a bigger show in the future . Also, the presence of the large number of global visitors were good signs that there is a growing demand for water and business opportunities for sustainable water resources.

Although TIWW 2022 was smaller in comparison to past years as Taiwan had only opened its borders a few days to the event, it nevertheless did not fall short of its efforts, featuring a wide range of industry-related innovative products and technologies.

 For instance, Singapore’s Fluence, one of the main exhibitors demonstrated its  “Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR)”, a patented wastewater treatment technology that is energy-efficient and effective in TN removal. The “Smart Water Management Platform” from UnaBiz was another highlight. The showcase unit can monitor and analyze water usage of individual sectors, set up leak alarms, compile reports, and conduct data analysis. “Fog Making Seawater Desalination System” presented by Ginger Water Processing Technology is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient system that runs on solar as well as seawater power by utilizing the fog condensing method. “Ultrafiltration Membrane” from Nanostone Water was also heavily featured during the exhibition. Its membrane adopts patented ceramic membrane technology with segmented monolith design, which is suitable for managing industrial water.

Overall, TIWW 2022 was well-received by exhibitors and visitors, and opened up tremendous opportunities. 

The exhibition also featured plenty of activities, encompassing the TIWW Tech Talk, given by Fluence Water and Veolia Water and sharing the latest trends and applications on the topic of “Water Reclamation and Technology for Developing New Water Resources “. In addition, there were more than 20 one-on-one procurement meetings, opening the door for exhibitors to explore global business. 

In response to climate change, Taiwan has been promoting reclaimed water, desalinated water, and the use of brackish water in tidal rivers to deal with the water crisis. Taiwan plans to build 11 water exclamation plants by 2029 and 34 desalination plants in the near future, which creates abundant business opportunities. 

TIWW 2023 will return from September 20 – 22 next year.. Visit: www.taiwanintlwaterweek.com. for more details.