Veolia Announces Worldwide Deployment of Digital Solution Based on Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionise Water, Energy and Waste Management

Veolia, one of the leaders in environmental services, to use artificial intelligence to drive ecological transformation in its three historical businesses: water, energy and waste.

On the occasion of the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, the Group announced the worldwide deployment of its digital solutions “Hubgrade” which enable the smart monitoring of the production and consumption of water, energy and waste, helping cities and industries to optimise the management of their resources and preserve them.

With over 10,000 already connected sites worldwide, Veolia relies on a vast network of 60 monitoring centers managed by 500 experts and data scientists. Since 2017, Veolia has developed digital solutions that make a difference to accelerate the ecological transformation of its customers:

  • Nearly 10 per cent reduction in energy costs for shopping malls in Dubai
  • Nearly 15,000 metric tonnes of CO2 avoided on the Warsaw heating network in Poland
  • 15 per cent reduction in water leakage in Prague’s municipal networks
  • 90 per cent waste characterisation at one of France’s largest waste-to-energy plants

Recently, the Group made its high-performance solutions available to customers worldwide, enabling them to:

  • Preserve water resources at every stage of its cycle, through real-time monitoring of facilities, treatment plants, distribution networks and metres.  
  • Optimise energy production and reduce its environmental impact by monitoring production sites and heating and cooling networks in real time.   
  • Deploy energy flexibility mechanisms in industries and buildings thanks to high-performance algorithms.  
  • Reduce building consumption, by identifying energy wastage, optimising the operation of heating, air conditioning, lighting and ventilation systems, and indoor air quality optimisation, which has a direct impact on user health.  
  • Improved waste recovery, thanks to camera identification and guaranteed traceability, and better adaptation to the logistical challenges faced by manufacturers and local authorities.

At Veolia, we are convinced that ecological transformation goes hand in hand with digital transition. Our business and our responsibility as a leader in ecological solutions commit us to providing our customers with the tools, they need for the trajectories of decarbonation, depollution, resource saving and regeneration. Hubgrade brings together our capacity for innovation and our digital know-how at the crossroads of our three core businesses – water, waste and energy -, enabling us to support our customers in managing their resources more intelligently, safely and sustainably.

Estelle Brachlianoff, Veolia’s Chief Executive Officer