WEX Global concludes with 40 countries taking part

Over 100 experts in water cycle technology and management from more than 40 countries convened in the Spanish city of Valencia in June to discuss the main challenges in smart management, IoT technologies and the digital transformation of the industry.

This is the second WEX Global returning as an in-person event after the pandemic. In March 2020, the meeting brought together over 80 speakers. The theme of the 15th WEX Global is the potential of the circular economy, with experts discussing global challenges in the water and energy sectors, and their links with civil society, with an eye on the future.

The digital transformation of water and energy, sustainability, innovation, investment, and water security were some of the main topics discussed.

Participants visited the Global Omnium to learn about the world’s most advanced digital twin operating in the water sector today. The project optimizes daily operations and provides 1.7 million people with consistent-quality drinking water 24 hours a day.

This technology, which has been up and running since 2009, supports operational and management decisions in Valencia’s metropolitan water networks. It constantly integrates data from meters, SCADAs and other systems to virtually replicate the behavior of the network in real time with extraordinary accuracy.

Valencia’s Oceanográfico aquarium was chosen as the venue for the prestigious WEX Global Awards. These global accolades recognize the most innovative solutions in various fields such as circular water use, decarbonization, digital water management, financing and marketing.

The event is framed in a world of continuous change, in which the management of the precious resource that is water is key to addressing major environmental, social and economic challenges.