Youth projects awarded funding for community water initiatives

Nine projects were selected to receive financial and technical support. They were among those who participated in the International Secretariat for Water (ISW) and Solidarity Water Europe “Global Youth Take Action” campaign launched in May.

The campaign was designed to identify, encourage, and support youth engagement in water management in the context of the current global COVID pandemic. More specifically, the call for proposals aimed to support initiatives on water and health, water and agriculture, water- related risks, and water sharing.

A total of 294 projects were submitted from more than 50 countries. These projects are 45 Percent led by women or mixed teams, and 200 projects were submitted under the Water & Health theme – demonstrating that young people are dedicated to bringing innovative solutions for their communities.

The response demonstrates that a growing number of young water leaders are ready to mobilize and propose innovative solutions for a peaceful and sustainable future.

Sarah Dousse, ISW Executive Director told OOSKAnews that ‘’the new generation provides innovative solutions to the many challenges we face, including those highlighted by the pandemic that affects us all. Our organisation relies on youth to bring about the rapid and urgent changes needed to ensure a future as well as a present. As such, we are pleased to mobilise, connect and empower young people to take concrete action in their communities”.

More than 40 high quality solutions have been published on the “Youth for Water and Climate” platform which was launched in March this year. The Secretariat has suggested that effort will be made to bring these into the implementation phase.