2023 Taiwan International Water Week Focuses on Sustainable Water Resource Management

The 2023 Taiwan International Water Week (TIWW), organised by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, will be held from 20-22 September at the Taipei World Trade Centre Exhibition Hall 1. TIWW encompasses the entire water resources industry, covering upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors. This year, the show has attracted over 110 domestic and international exhibitors utilizing nearly 200 booths. The exhibition showcases water-saving equipment and water recycling solutions, including wastewater treatment and recycling, smart water monitoring and management, contributing to sustainable development of water resources and the environment.

During TIWW 2023, various activities will be held to help visitors grasp international industry trends and the latest business opportunities (Photo: TIWW)

According the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which presents a proactive action plan built upon 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the sustainability goals related to “water” are specified within Goal 6, focusing on “Clean Water and Sanitation.” The pressing issues ahead involve enhancing water resource management and water pollution control, ensuring safe and clean water supply, as well as strengthening water resource reuse and protection, all of which offer significant business opportunities.

At TIWW this year, numerous exhibitors are targeting opportunities in water recycling and circular economy solutions. Leading exhibitor, Fluence, is showcasing NITRO, a wastewater treatment solution that utilises MABR technology, featuring highly efficient nitrogen removal technology, reducing energy consumption by up to 40%, thus promoting energy-efficient and low-carbon wastewater treatment. Bright Sheland International is presenting high-flow filter cartridges that offer higher flow rate and dirt holding capacity due to its large flow filtration area. Solteam Opto utilises multispectral technology and water quality sensing expertise to develop diverse water quality sensing solutions applicable to environmental monitoring, wastewater treatment, and industrial production processes, ultimately conserving industrial water usage.

Apart from exhibitors striving for sustainability, TIWW organizer is taking concrete steps to implement sustainability and reduce carbon emissions. The show has partnered with Biodynasty Co., Ltd., a producer of natural alkaline mineral water, to plant five Stout Camphor trees, also known as the “Ruby of the Forest,” in the Hengshan water source area in Hsinchu, Taiwan. This initiative symbolises the act of giving back to the Earth by nurturing the source of water for the future.

Furthermore, TIWW has collaborated with the eco-friendly paper furniture brand “Funnature” by utilising its sustainable paper furniture in the exhibition’s business lounge and rest area. This furniture material is 100% recyclable, demonstrating tangible efforts to minimize waste and promote the circular economy, aligning with eco-friendly exhibition practices.

TIWW hosts international forums and events designed to foster industry collaboration and exchange. These include the International Forum on Applications of Fine Bubble Technology, New Product Launch, Tech Talk sessions, and one-on-one procurement meetings. These diverse activities provide a platform for industry stakeholders to connect and cooperate, empowering buyers to discover the most effective water solutions

Interested individuals and organizations are welcome to pre-register on the official website for free admission during the exhibition. For more exhibition details and updates, please visit the official website at www.taiwanintlwaterweek.com.