Revolutionizing Water Sector: Aquasight’s AMP™ Transforms Traditional Asset Management

Aquasight Intelligent Water Solutions unveils its groundbreaking upgrades to AMP™, a cloud-based asset management plan designed to address the sector’s most pressing issue – aging water infrastructure. Traditional asset management approaches are falling short in providing continuous updates, real-time risk analysis, and streamlined virtual team collaboration, as highlighted by a recent AWWA survey. Aquasight’s AMP™ bridges this gap by revolutionizing asset management through intelligent algorithms and advanced functionalities.

AMP™ offers real-time asset updates and user-configurable risk formulas for accurate investment decisions
Aquasight’s AMP™ brings asset management into the digital age by combining familiar spreadsheet and GIS-based functionalities with intelligent algorithms. It offers real-time updates on asset conditions, user-configurable risk formulas, and capital planning algorithms for accurate investment decisions. This transformational solution simplifies workflows, saves time, and enhances collaboration. With its cloud-based access, AMP™ provides up-to-date intelligence for operators and decision-makers anywhere, anytime. It also aids utilities with state compliance, particularly in meeting state revolving fund (SRF) requirements.

AMP™ differentiates itself from existing Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAMS) with its robust GIS-based asset risk and capital planning features. It serves as a “Living Asset Management Plan,” offering a tailored experience for executives, managers, and operators. Informed by intelligent algorithms, AMP™ delivers significant return on investment (ROI) by enabling communities to make informed investment decisions, saving millions of capital dollars. Additionally, it preserves engineering hours and the invaluable knowledge of public assets for the next generation of utility workforce.

About Aquasight
Aquasight’s revolutionary AI infrastructure, adopted by 120+ sites, offers a holistic solution for water cycle management. Its six plug-and-play solutions provide utilities and engineering consulting firms with economies of scale and over 100 pre-built capabilities, from anomaly detection to digital twins. With its versatile integration capabilities, Aquasight enables utilities to focus on core competencies, promoting efficient water treatment and resilient infrastructure.