SUEZ Signs Two New Contracts for Water and Waste Projects to Further Support China in its Ecological Transition

SUEZ announced the signature of two new significant contracts in the water and waste markets to contribute to China’s 2060 carbon neutrality ambition. In Chongqing, SUEZ is collaborating with its historical partner to enhance the resilience of Chongqing’s water supply system through a new water treatment plant. In Shanghai, the Group is launching its first plastics recovery project in China.

A new water treatment plant to reinforce Chongqing’s water supply system
Amid rapid socio-economic development, leading particularly to growing water demand in the northern region of the city, Chongqing requires resilient infrastructure and essential services that support livelihoods in order to establish a solid foundation for sustainable development.

This has prompted SUEZ and Chongqing Water Group (CWG) to expand their collaboration by jointly investing over GBP160 (USD195.5) million in the construction and operation of a water treatment plant to enhance the resilience of the municipality’s water supply system and contribute to securing safe and reliable water services in the long term.

The new water treatment plant, which comprises water intake and production, pumping stations and water distribution networks, has a designed capacity of 400,000 m3/day. Upon completion of the plant by 2025, SUEZ’s water supply capacity in Chongqing will reach 1.68 million m3/day, providing services from an existing 2.7 million people in Chongqing to over 3.3 million.

SUEZ’s long term cooperation with Chongqing started in 2002. To date, SUEZ has invested more than GBP510 (USD623.4) million in the city. In Shanghai, SUEZ’s first plastics recovery project in China to increase recyclable material sorting and recovery in Eastern China

SUEZ and its partner Taichu Environmental Resource Management have signed a contract to jointly invest in, build and operate six collection and sorting centres for post-consumer plastics in Eastern China. The joint-venture will adopt advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and intelligent information systems to deliver a smart, digitalised, and low-carbon recovery system, with end-to-end traceability. These facilities are scheduled to be completed by early 2024 and will be able to collect and sort approximately 30,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year.

The proposed project will help improve the regional network of waste material recovery and enhance sorting operations of recyclable materials. It will also contribute towards meeting China’s goal of clean and compliant recovery, recycling, and disposal of plastic waste at scale so as to mitigate China’s plastic waste pollution and promote the country’s ecological transition.

Visiting China recently, where she took on the role of Executive Chairman of the 17th Chongqing Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Council (CMIA), in which SUEZ has been involved since 2006, Sabrina Soussan, Chairman and CEO of SUEZ commented, “These two contracts demonstrate our relentless commitment to supporting sustainable development in China, by providing resilient and innovative solutions in water and waste services. With the extension of the Chongqing water treatment plant and our entry into the new area of plastic recycling in China, we are determined to work with our Chinese customers to create value across the entire lifecycle of their assets and services and to drive their ecological transition.”